In May 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, GCG Healthcare published Laser Protocols on enhanced cleanliness, hygiene, infection & cross infection control and Frequently Asked Questions on the COVID-19 Resource Centre for Aesthetic Clinics published by These support documents remain available to all of GCG Healthcare’s Laser Protection Adviser (LPA) and expert Treatment Protocol clients.

GCG Healthcare provided input to the guide: Madan V. ‘Resumption of laser/IPL skin services post COVID-19lockdown—British Medical Laser Association (BMLA) Lasers Med Sci. 2020; 35:2069-2073.

The “new normal” requires laser and IPL service providers to:

  • Identify infection prevention practices when caring for clients undergoing cosmetic laser or intense light source procedures and produce an Infection Control Risk Assessment.
  • Review necessary precautions when performing aerosol generating laser procedures on clients undergoing laser or intense pulsed light (IPL) procedures.
  • Discuss implementation strategies to optimize personal protective equipment to manage plume for all procedures that generate fumes.
  • Consider Training Courses in infection control such as Control of Cross-infection in a Post-COVID-19 World. See: